Bancroft Transfers- MDUSD Offers Few Choices

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  1. Gina Haynes says:

    MDUSD designating two schools that SBX 5-4 transfers have a choice of is not following the intent of the law. The lottery process for the 16/17 school year is flawed. First and foremost, District personnel made the decision to illegally deny SBX5-4 transfers for the 16/17 school year and are now offering up two schools after the lottery process already place other students at school such as Northgate where Carriage Square/ Countrywood (infamous Bancroft split) were interested in having their child attend (Bancroft, Foothill, Northgate). Second the MDUSD Board (policy makers) never established school choice priority option for the Clayton Valley Charter High School for the following school years (14/15, 15/16 and 16/17) but MDUSD staff continue to put these students as a high priority transfer over SBX5-4 transfers. FIX THE BANCROFT SPLIT!

  2. Stan Helton says:

    Hi Linda, your statement that “State Superintendent’s office will no longer provide the list of the 1,000 “lowest-achieving” schools. This leaves SBX5 4 without the data required within the legislation” is incorrect.

    The law requires only that the most recent list be used and the State Legislative Counsel issued an opinion last November that the absence of current Growth API scores does not excuse the Superintendent’s office from generating a list for use in the 2016-17 school year. Both the CDE and MDUSD websites currently reflect this.

    Every YVHS and OGMS student (as well as students at the other 6 MDUSD schools on the list) has the option to enroll at a school inside or OUTSIDE the district under the Open Enrollment Act. You do not need a release from MDUSD to enroll elsewhere. For example, Orinda Unified has confirmed with me that we can enroll without such a release.

    There is a January 1 (this past January) deadline applicable to SBX5-4, but the CDE’s confusing message and MDUSD’s refusal to implement the law may be reasons for districts of enrollment to waive that requirement.

    If anyone desires to enroll their student outside of MDUSD and is encountering resistance, please contact my at or State Senator Steve Glazer’s office (925) 942-6082

    • Stan,
      Thank you for your insight.
      This is exactly the problem Bancroft parents are experiencing. The CDE website is inconsistent, the FAQ clearly states that the State Superintendent will not be creating the list for 2016-17. MDUSD has provided conflicting information to parents and lists on their website the alternative schools available for open enrollment schools. Also the attachment at the end of the post includes the open enrollment priorities as approved by the Board on 12/07/2016.
      The most astounding revelation is that Oak Grove MS is performing at the very bottom in a state ranked near the bottom.

      • I meant 12/07/2015 regarding the attachment.

      • Stan Helton says:

        Yes, in the FAQ the CDE is playing with the definition. What it doesn’t say is that they did not produce a “new” list for 2015-16 either. The difference is last year they renamed it from 2014-15 to 2015-16. It was, and still is, the same list.

        They changed the wording here – – to be less misleading.

        Also, MDUSD has a requirement under the law to notify all families at their 6 OE schools in writing of their right to transfer inside or *outside* of the district under SBX5-4. If families have not received this notice and they have taken their kids to private schools since 2011, MDUSD may be liable for tuition costs.

  3. Christy Paloutzian says:

    Thank you, Gina and Stan, for your clarifications. And thank you, Linda, for bringing this issue to light. Other California Unified School Districts have been very transparent in what parent’s rights are and how they pertain to the Open Enrollment Act. As found on San Diego Unified’s website-

    “School Choice/Open Enrollment Act
    The School Choice Program provides students with the opportunity to attend a school other than their neighborhood school. Students may apply to any school within the district. No transportation is offered through the School Choice Program. Enrollment through the School Choice Program is on a space available basis. Submitting an Enrollment Options Application for School Choice does not guarantee enrollment in the school. Open enrollment for the School Choice Program is Nov. 1, 2015-Feb. 15, 2016, for the 2016-17 school year. Apply online.

    The California Assembly passed legislation that requires the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction to annually create a list of 1,000 lower performing public schools, based on a set of criteria outlined in the Open Enrollment Act (SBX5 4). This list of schools is called the Open Enrollment Act list. The legislation requires that no Local Education Agency (LEA) in the state, such as San Diego Unified, can have more than ten percent of its schools on the list. If you child’s school is on this list they will have priority enrollment for schools with higher API. This includes schools in and outside of the district. For more info, visit California Department of Education. ”

    As Stan Helton stated, perhaps our district will be able to waive this deadline requirement. I don’t think we are talking a large number of families coming from the Bancroft Split Attendance Area. Typically the Bancroft Split represents 25% of the student population (including transfers) whose feeder pattern is Bancroft/Oakgrove/YV vs. 75% attend Bancroft/Foothill/Northgate–or around 20 students out of 80 students each year. Most of these 20 students applied for Intradistrict transfers this year because MDUSD was not honoring their SBX5-4 transfers. As a result, these 20 students were not given priority this year into Northgate High School over CVCHS transfer requests or from Pinehollow and Mt. Diablo Middle School (already approved prior to the MDUSD boundary change for Northgate which was rescinded, but the CVCHS transfer approvals into Northgate remain.) Bancroft Split Sibling Transfer Requests, however, were given priority AFTER the CVCHS transfers/Pinehollow and Mt. Diablow were approved. So, now this number is close to a handful of students who should have been given priority in the 2016-17 school attendance year per the Open Enrollment Act with a higher API score than YV in or outside of the district, and they were asking to attend Northgate with their peers vs. Concord High and Mt. Diablo High. Northgate is closer in proximity for the Bancroft Split students, and Northgate would not be “at capacity” if the district only took these 20 split students each year vs. the 78-100 transfers the district has been historically taking into Northgate.

    If the Bancroft Split was fixed this would be a non-issue. It needs to be fixed.

  4. Daniel Kanaan says:

    How would the proposed NGUSD alter the situation here? Are you planning to expand the district to include families north of the canal? Or would you just be clarifying the border?


    • Daniel,
      The boundaries of the new school district would extend to all students living within the attendance boundaries of Bancroft, Walnut Acres, Valle Verde, Foothill, or Northgate. This means that those families who live in the Bancroft attendance area located north (or south) of the canal would be included in the new district boundaries.