How Can MDUSD Not Know the Capacities of its Own Schools?

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  1. D.L.C.Yikes says:

    Yikes is right!!

  2. Kelly St Germain says:

    The enrollment capacity of Northgate is 1379.
    The enrollment capacity of College Park is 1892.
    You will find this information on Page 21 of this report that was created by MDUSD

    • northgatecaps says:

      These are the same numbers that Ursula Leimbach, MDUSD Communications Specialist, claims are incorrect by as much as several hundred in the 2014 report. The 2016 report uses the same numbers as the 2014. Why if MDUSD has known they are wrong?

  3. Marie Rossen says:

    Notice that both the 2014 and the 2016 reports were both completed by the same outside consultant. If MDUSD does not have confidence in the 2014 report written by this consultant, why did they pay them to do another report? This consultant has a pretty impressive website – are their numbers really wrong? Or is it just that the District does not like the numbers and wants to see what they can do to manipulate the data to have a different outcome? Based on the lack of transparency with the District and the way they handle business, I think it is the second option.