NHS is No Longer a Guaranteed Option for the Northgate Community!

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  1. stevemac213 says:

    I call bullshit. MOST kids would still choose Northgate if given the choice, despite what she says.

  2. Denise Pursche says:

    Personally I wouldn’t read too much into this, instead I would listen to all the comments by the Superintendent and the Board Staff in order to come to the correct conclusion. I believe you haven’t actually represented the Board words/intentions well here in your description of the intent/action of the Board. Also, you realize that from Diablo View Middle and Pine Hallow, approximately 500 students, which virtually all attend CVCHS (I only know 3 parents who intend to send their kid elsewhere; 1 to College Park, 2 to Northgate). Overwhelmingly parents in this are, like 98% percent, send their kids to CVCHS where they are VERY HAPPY with the curriculum and the programs of that high school (despite what is happening with the administration or teachers). CVCHS is the place where parents send their kids from this area, not to Northgate. I’m not exactly sure what you all are really worried about and as for “next door to Northgate” being in a lottery, this was not stated by the Board, I was at the meeting and did not hear anything of this sort. The “lottery” question was a question answered from Dr. Stuckey-Smith, as to what would happen “if” and “if” applied to ONLY students in the lottery would be those from outside the boundaries…not NG boundary students, who would receive preference and live “next door”.

  3. John Conaty says:

    The school district installs solar panels in an attempt to go “Green”. Then in the same breath forces local students who could walk to school to potentially lose in the lottery and be forced to be driven to a school outside of their own neighborhood. You can’t get this kind of logic just anywhere.

  4. Lisa says:

    You are incorrect about the lottery, Denise. After watching the meeting online, rewinding several times to understand the lottery issue, I called and spoke with Dr. Stuckey-Smith this morning to make sure I understood how the priority would work if enrollment exceeded capacity.

    Because these students can now choose “resident status” at Northgate, they have the same enrollment priority as families who currently live within the NG attendance boundaries. Northgate would be considered their assigned school, just the same as the families who currently live within the boundary.

    Because these students will now be residents, not transfers, Northgate will no longer be able to turn them away if there is not enough room. If enrollment exceeded capacity, enrollment would be based on a lottery system. The family living down the street from Northgate would have no more priority for enrollment than the student graduating from Pine Hollow Middle. Dr. Stuckey-Smith confirmed that a family residing in the current NG boundaries would not be guaranteed a spot at NG in the case of a lottery.

    The lottery would not be for those outside the boundaries. If too many resident students enroll, the lottery would be amongst the resident students.

  5. Jim Mills says:

    Lisa, sorry, I did not see the “in” in your “incorrect”. I thought you were agreeing with Denise, but describing a different process. My bad. The rest of my post (after the first sentence) still stands, but I’d probably delete it, if I could.

  6. Tina says:

    So, out of the 32,000 students in the school district, these 600 students get to choose whichever high school they want to be their resident high school. They can choose from any of the 5 high schools at MDUSD!? How is that fair to the rest of the students in the district??? I know many people who would love to be able to choose a high school other than what is currently assigned to them – and get resident rights! Regardless of which school these 600 students choose, why give a select few this special privilege? It just isn’t right.

  7. d.l.c. says:

    I agree with Tina!! What can we do?? Any ideas???

  8. Denise Pursche says:

    You might be right then Lisa. I had understood that we did not get “priority” over the NG students who were “inside the boundaries”. If you are correct, I think I’d have a problem with that too.

  9. Denise Pursche says:

    It was my understanding that students within the Diablo View Middle and Pine Hollow are less than 20 students. Does anyone know if this is true?

  10. Denise Pursche says:

    Tina, Out of the 600 student – but did you know 500 of them go to CVCHS. Parents in the Clayton/Diablo View Middle and Concord/Pine Hollow Middle Schools overwhelming go to CVCHS. Really, I’m serious. People in Clayton/Concord, love CVCHS. There are very few who want to attend Northgate. True, academically I believe Northgate is the better school in regards to the curriculum, but honestly people love CVCHS. Now some parents may change their minds as time goes by, later, but I doubt it because CVCHS location and convenience of distance (as it is closer) to the community is the reason they choose CVCHS. I realize you find that you all find that unbelievable (because why would someone choose the lesser school – CVCHS), but this is the truth of the matter, they love the convenience of the location, driving a few minutes (15 minutes over 45 minutes). I know you believe that anyone would actually choose CVCHS over Northgate, but seriously people don’t want go to Northgate, not because it’s not better academically (as it is), but because of the convenience of the location is better at CVCHS. Few parents want the 45-60 minute commute to NG. I know this is the commute because I know two or three parents who make the commute daily to drop their kids off at your school. Most parents don’t want to drive 45-60 each way to drop their kids at NG.

  11. Denise Pursche says:

    Again, Tina, I know you believe that anyone would choose NG over CVCHS, but again, the truth is that people love CVCHS (despite the administration/teacher issues). The choice of CVCHS is a convenience of location. The remaining 100 students, Tina, are spread among the 5 area high schools. Again, I understand that as few as 20 attend NG from our schools, Diablo View and Pine Hollow (yearly). Can anyone confirm those numbers? Thank you,

  12. David Cossu says:

    In looking around, I found 2 things that could potentially be looked into:

    1. Sounds like Hansen needs to be recalled, for inappropriate board behaviors sine this was already and recently defeated.


    Also, it appears she may have violated the CA CDE bylaw statute of re-voting on the same thing. Any attorneys in the house to confirm? Sounds like a call to the CDE may be in order here, to better understand this and what can be done to put or potentially file some sort or court motion to stay with her surprise motion, or to simply get them involved ASAP.



    Section 3.

    If the same or an essentially identical proposal or petition has been previously considered by the Board, the documents constituting such a resubmission shall be accompanied by a written summary of any new factual situations or facts not previously presented. In this case, any hearing shall focus on arguments not theretofore presented and hear expositions of new factual situations and of facts not previously entered into the public record.

    CCR 18572

    • Kevin Bobrowsky says:

      I think a recall is an excellent idea. We need board members who will be true advocates for our kids. It is ludicrous to make a ruling which could potentially prevent a Northgate resident from being able to attend Northgate in favor of a Clayton resident.

  13. Glenn Skidmore says:

    The facts that are indisputable: MDUSD’s current agenda will bring down Northgate’s level of education, ratings, opportunities for our local children and our local real estate values! Its the same old agenda. Don’t elevate the other High Schools education…just flood the good school so their education also becomes compromised! Ygnacio High School was not always rated so poorly. It was created by compassionate good people who thought they were doing good for the underprivileged kids. But once parents found out that these kids where compromising and slowing down their kids education, and SAT scores, they transferred them to other local or private schools. Now Ygnacio Valley HS is one of the worst schools we have! Its in WC, on the same road, only 2 miles from Northgate High School but a world away regarding education! I had to pay 25% more for my home so I would not have to send my kid there! Friends that live there need to send their kids to Palmer and have to pay $1,000 for each kid, every month. They pay for a Public schools that they can’t even use and MDUSD doesn’t understand that. They need our good Northgate School ratings and money to offset what they have created! We need to understand this and fight for our children’s education first…not MDUSD’s twisted agenda.

  14. Gina says:

    Denise please look at the numbers attached to this agenda item on the MDUSD School Board docket. This way you can be clear that it is not just the 1-2 students you originally quoted or the less than 20. Additionally, the numbers in presentation do not match the numbers presented on Monday night so who really knows how many students now and how many students in 3 years, 6 years….. The presentation shows over 60 requsts for Northgate for 2016/17. Your generalized statement that everyone loves CVCHS but 1-2 is just that, you dont know everyone in the CVCHS attendance area. Here is a fact, at the lottery last year they held the first 50 spots for CVCHS students. That is up from the 30 they held the year prior. Now they were not priority #4 as Felicia Stuckey-Smith incorrectly reported they were second behind resident students in the NG attendance area. This decision on Monday night is based on lies and misinformation. Denise I urge you to look at the docket attachments before quoting useless statistics. David I believe that since the item was rescinded they can vote on it again. I do hope I am wrong. Yes I agree a recall is in order. Lastly, transparency and trust continue to be a huge issue with MDUSD Board and staff. NUSD is the solution. Please sign the petition!

  15. Denise Pursche says:

    Okay, so you’re saying that from the entire attendance area there was 30 the prior year and now this year there is 50. And, it might be, I guess assumed, that next year will be 70 and so and so for until you receive all 500 hundred students from CVCHS. I guess I see that rationale. Do you know anything about the comment from Dr. Meyer that if and when “CVCHS” loses those students from the “feeder area” that the district can retake that space from CVCHS. I may not be wording it correctly (Dr. Meyer’s comment), but I am trying to understand the issue and the circumstances around the feeder pattern. You all seem to have a handle on the issues…so this is the reason for my questions and my observations from my neighbors who are also telling me they don’t know anyone going to Northgate (I do now know 4 people who have applied via the form). Now I realize they don’t know everyone either, but I am curious about the numbers etc. and how it’s all stacking up. Again, thank you.

  16. Denise Pursche says:

    Do you all understand the new law that was passed in 2010? http://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/eo/op/

  17. Denise Pursche says:

    There are a 1000 schools on the “open enrollment” list. If a school appears on the list, a student from a title one school or title one district can attend any school inside their district, or outside their district, including any school across the entire state, as long as their is space available. How do you think this might increase your student population base if MDUSD becomes a “title one district”? Sorry, I know lots of questions.

  18. Gina says:

    Denise this is an SBX-5-4 open enrollment transfer and I happen to know alot about it since my Walnut Creek address feeds into 2 schools on the list (Oak Grove and YV). I am not sure what you are talking about when you say when the District becomes a title 1 district because that does not make sense to me. Students requesting a SBX5-4 transfer do not automatically get any District school, it is far more complicated. This type of transfer has been available to families of low performing schools since it came into law. While they should have first priority behind those in the attendance area, they do not. As I stated previosly it is first priority residents in the attendance area, then CVCHS reserved spots, then siblings, MDUSD employees, then SBX5-4 transfers, then choice transfers. Last year not one student requesting an SBX 5-4 transfer from the lottery got into Northgate from the lottery. In fact some employees children did not get in either (some got in much later on an appeal). The intent of this law is to allow families that feed into underperforming school other good options but it does not work that way in MDUSD. So it you think this law is providing District families in SBX 5-4 neighbirhoods the same privelege that CVCHS families received last Monday night, your dead wrong. With the decision Monday night, it took away Northgate as a transfer option to SBX 5-4 families that live close to that school, in Walnut Creek in fact. The only obligation the District has in regards to this law is to offer families a school with a better API score. So if you are thowing this out there thinking that Northgate families should have a problem with this too, you surely are not informed. We don’t get a choice of any school in the District and a great Charter school choice too. Far from it. Let’s keep the issue straight and not try to deflect our disgust with the very poor deciosion made by the Board Monday night.

  19. Denise Pursche says:

    Okay, I think someone on this sight said, earlier on another report, that IF WC Caps split off from the district that MDUSD would potentially become a “title one district”…and they would “receive more money from the state which would help them”. So, that is the reason I’m asking about title one and the process. Etc.

    Just so you know Ygnacio Valley High is the ONLY school designated “title one” and those students are allowed priority status (I believe they are current #4 on the list, but I could be mistaken).

    With the law that came into effect in 2010, titled “Open Enrollment Law”, any school designated “title one” based on scores, can apply to any school in the district and if there is space, they are grated admission to that school.

    At least that is my understanding of the “Open Enrollment Law”.

  20. Denise Pursche says:

    Gina, I’m just asking questions to define the issue. I do not know the answer to the questions. So, thank you for your answers and your comments. I appreciate it. Again, thanks.

  21. Denise Pursche says:

    Gina, I would agree with this comment: “So it you think this law is providing District families in SBX 5-4 neighbirhoods the same privelege that CVCHS families received last Monday night, your dead wrong. With the decision Monday night, it took away Northgate as a transfer option to SBX 5-4 families that live close to that school, in Walnut Creek in fact.” I think this might be an issue as well and perhaps will be litigated (potentially).

  22. Denise Pursche says:

    Again thank you.

  23. Kelly St Germain says:

    I have no comprehension as to how this action solves that problem.
    Opening a CHOICE of five high schools to a group of seventh graders only creates more, not less, angst as kids and their families struggle with the decision. AND, of course, students will change their minds leaving true planning impossible. Pleasant Hill High School’s closure (contrary to Hansens’ comments) did indeed cause attendance area problems in this community for 30 years until MDUSD somewhat recently assigned a permanent high school for exact addresses. Seriously, it took 30 some odd years. This action, I fear, shows that the board has not learned from its mistakes. I don’t understand why the home addresses would not simply be assigned to the most proximate high school, most likely Ygnacio Valley. If YV does not have sufficient capacity, then rather than assigning the homes to only YV, I would expect that a % would be assigned to Concord High. What am I missing???! What is worse than offering a non solution, is offering one without data and substantiation. Not good.

  24. Jon Wood says:

    Has this video been taken down?

  25. Sandeep Dham says:

    How is this possible from the MDUSD school board to take an unilateral decision with these consequences?A demographic study is mandated before any such action is enforced.