Unanswered Questions – Former MDUSD Board Candidate Posts on Nextdoor

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  1. Cherise is a board candidate for MDUSD Trustee for 2018. She filed her Form 410 announced that she’s formed Cherise Khaund for MDUSD board 2018.

  2. Cherise Khaund says:

    Hi Neighbors,
    I have not been on Nextdoor since last week, as I took a break to enjoy Mothers Day weekend, and also have been very busy getting ready for our new PFC leadership who will take over from me tonight at Walnut Acres.
    I was just alerted by a friend that you posted here to let me know there was a reply on my Nextdoor thread. It appears there are a lot of questions, and so I would like to sit down and take some time to answer them thoughtfully. I may not have a chance to do that today.
    I’m sorry that you felt the need to post here rather than contact me directly, as I have always been responsive to the CAPS group and met with you whenever I’ve been invited to. In fact, this morning I was meeting for the last 2 hours with an NUSD supporter to discuss her concerns and questions.

  3. C. Beckner says:

    Believe The Crossings & Crystal Ranch were included in the Northgate feeder pattern because Northgate’s population was declining & they expanded the boundries to keep Northgate full. I could never understand that, since Clayton Valley (at that time very much a part of MDUSD) was only several blocks away–certainly not the “over the hill” and several miles away of Northgate. Living in the “split neighborhood” once again ignored. Crystal Ranch–may have been a developer fee involved.

  4. Mary says:

    There seems to be some confusion about the MDUSD assigning students only to Northgate, who were formerly part of the original CVHS feeder pattern. These students can choose ANY high school within the MDUSD, not just Northgate. Due to CV turning charter, these students have no home high school, and this was an attempt to fix that issue. That being said, I’ve heard many proponents of NUSD insist that the main reason they want to pull out of the MDUSD is because these students are now assigned to Northgate. Not true. Also, how many kids are we really talking about per year anyway? I understand it’s not that many.