NUSD Proposal Overview

Northgate Community Advocacy for our Public Schools (Northgate CAPS) is a non-profit community advocacy group. Our goal is to create a smaller school district that encompasses the attendance areas of Northgate High School, Foothill Middle School, and the Walnut Acres, Valle Verde, and Bancroft Elementary Schools. Studies show that smaller school districts provide greater local control, accountability, and increased student performance. We believe the time is right to make this move, and we believe our proposal is a win-win for all MDUSD students. We have a long road ahead of us and a great deal of work that still needs to be completed. Please follow and endorse us at and like us on Facebook.  

The proposed Northgate Unified School District would encompass the communities included in the current attendance areas of Bancroft Elementary, Valle Verde Elementary, Walnut Acres Elementary, Foothill Middle, and Northgate High Schools.

The new district would consist of approximately 4,600 students. The new district would be considered a mid-sized district and optimal for economies of scale and student performance.

Local control is essential in the success of our public schools. A district that is too large cannot be responsive to the diverse needs of all students that it attempts to serve. This effort is intended to benefit all MDUSD students. By creating a Northgate Unified School District the remaining students in MDUSD will realize an important benefit in the increased per pupil funding through LCFF.

District Size
Mt. Diablo School District has over 50 school campuses and over 30,000 students. The district spans 150 square miles, including cities of Concord, Pleasant Hill, Clayton; portions of Walnut Creek, Martinez and Pittsburg, unincorporated areas, including Lafayette, Pacheco, and Bay Point. To put the geographical size of the district in perspective San Francisco is roughly 47 square miles and to put the number of students in perspective, over 95% of all districts in California are smaller than MDUSD.
RE_Dist ADA by Size_fmt
According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, California School Districts are defined as follows:
      Very Small  0 – 100 ADA
      Small  101 – 1,000 ADA
      Mid-sized 1,001 – 5,000 ADA
      Mid-sized 5,001 – 10,000 ADA
      Large 10,001 – 40,000 ADA
      Very Large 40,001 + ADA

MDUSD has approximately 30,000 ADA

The new proposed District would have approximately 4,500 ADA



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